Khán giả đến với Điện ảnh (2018)

Project mainly aims at students and above (aged from 16 to 40), those do not have a comprehensive understanding of society, art.


2. Detailed project description
2.1. Goals of project: 
  • Equip young filmmakers with essentially practical lessons through courses organized by TPD Center.
  • Create a cinematic environment where young filmmakers can come and watch movies, search reference materials, exchange ideas and discuss cinematic issues.
  • Partially contribute to the development and progress of other projects.
  • Popularize cinema in Vietnam.
2.2. Activities
  • Short-film program: Support and organize short-film screenings (works made by young filmmakers). After the screening, viewers have chances to discuss and have Q&A session with young filmmakers. ‘Cinema Space’ project will cover all the screening costs as long as young filmmakers provide their works. 
  • ‘Bring Vietnam’s cinema to audiences’: At the moment the majority of classic Vietnamese films are preserved in forms of 35mm celluloid film. Only films made within the last 5 years have been converted into DVD. That situation is the barrier to Vietnam people who would like to watch classic and moderm domestic movies. Realizing such puzzle we have decided to frequently organize Vietnamese-movie-screenings, hold discussions with film crews after the screenings. (Adrift, Living in Fear (Bui Thac Chuyen), When the Tenth month Comes, Nostalgia for Countryland (Dang Nhat Minh), Bi, don’t be afraid (Phan Dang Di), Deserted Valley (Pham Nhue Giang), Sand Life (Nguyen Thanh Van)… 
  • Short courses: Cinema education in Vietnam is facing numerous obstacles. Adequate and standard teaching and learning materials are what the Hanoi Theater and Cinema Academy needs. We have organized a number of short courses on Film Producing (April 2018) & Film Marketing and Distribution (October 2018)

3. Justification
Through the discussion, screening events, screening and Short courses  will be reflected in association with improving people livelihood in terms of spiritual and material aspects. The promotion of the films will also encourage social preservation, foster peace, unity, solidarity and harmonious coexistence
While encouraging young filmmakers to produce creative artistic works, freedom of expression by participants will be facilitated in discussions

To be specific we will organize:
- 12 free public Short films screenings and discussions with filmmakers at The Center For Assistance and Development Of Movie Talents (70 seats) on Saturdays once a month
- 12 free public Vietnam Long feature films screenings and discussions with professional filmmakers at The Center For Assistance and Development Of Movie Talents (70 seats) on Saturdays once a month
- 01 Free Film Productiong Workshop For General Filmmakers
- 01 Free Film Marketing and Distribution
- Enhance filmmaking skills, soft skills and direct communication abilities of the students.
-           Create a community  of close-knit young filmmakers who will have insights into the life around.

Supported by Cultural Development and Exchange Fund (CDEF) 

0936157939 (HN) 0908310521 (TPHCM)